5 Must Try Wines This Spring

Funky, flavoursome & fabulous! You have to give these wines a try this Spring

To the untrained eye, or should we say palate, Wines can all taste the ‘same,’ but we know that’s not true! So, to try and show you how different wines can be, we’ve chosen 5 bold, funky & interesting wines that will be great for you to come in and try this Summer! Here we go.

1 – Some Young Punks – “Naked On Roller Skates.”

            This one definitely jumps out at you from the off with its distinctive branding with artwork looking like it has come straight from the 1940’s! This Australian Shiraz / Mataro blend takes its spicy notes from its Shiraz ancestry and combines this beautifully with the mellowness of the Mataro. It’s also packed full of dark fruits, with an almost Black Forrest Gateaux taste.  



2 – Miolo – “Lote 43”

            This wine is unique for many special reasons, one being that it originates from Brazil. Not only that, but this Cabernet Sauvignon is also suitable for vegans. Holding all the characteristics of a classic Sauvignon the ‘Lote 43’ has beautiful hints of dark berries and woody afternotes coming through.


3 – Bodegones Del Sur – “Tannat 2016”

            The delicious Tannat comes from Uruguay and has often been described as an almost marmite wine – you either love it, or hate it. This wine has high levels of tannin – the drying effect that red wine can have in the mouth – but boasts wonderful flavours of rich dark fruits such as plum & black cherry.


4 – Charles Smith Wines – “Eve”

            The Charles Smith ‘Eve’ Chardonnay is exactly what you want this summer. Created in Washington State, this beautifully refreshing wine is young, zesty and full of flavour. ‘Eve,’ has fresh tasting notes of honey crisp apples, lemon curd & Asian pears.


5 – Astley – “Severn Vale 2016”

            Established in the beautiful Severn Valley, Worcestershire, it would be rude not to mention a local wine. Using only grapes from a single vineyard this one is a great choice for summer. With tasting notes of green apple, elderflower and an almost nutty finish this is certainly your choice for summer, as was it that of the GB Wine Awards, winning a Bronze medal.


And there you have it. Our favourite, interesting 5 wines that will take you through the summer. All you have to do now, is drop in and give them a try!

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